Looking for Uni-Foil Vyper 90 or 130

Anyone have a Uni-Foil Vyper 90 or 130 for sale?

@garyfoster still looking for the 90? I have one that I don’t use - bought it for kiting but I need something bigger. It’s the 2-bolt version.

I think I have it handled with something in the works, will hit you back if that changes. Thanks!

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Where are you located?

Oregon, USA. Then Cali in August.

Where I’m Oregon? How much for the 90? I’m between Bend and Astoria.

Just wondering what you weigh. I kited on the Vyper 150 and definitely need something smaller. I’m around 150. I was actually thinking of adding the 90 for higher wind days. What Uni wing would you kite on if not the 90?

I’m a big boy at 195. I actually ended up getting the Slingshot Phantasm 633 setup, super super classic kite wing for beginner to intermediate who just wants to cruise and carve. So perfect for my big beginner ass.

Thanks for the response.
I have been kiting on older slingshot foils for awhile and they are super fun. I think you will enjoy the Phantasm 633. I think I should have it covered with the Vyper 150 and 90. Just looking for a different, surf feel. The wind direction for me is typically a downwind run, just riding the bumps and waves with a foil kite just hanging out. Then tack back upwind as fast as I can. The few runs I’ve had on the Vyper 150 were super fun. I think the 90 will cover me for higher wind and bigger waves. Thanks again.

Yes I love the foil kites! I started on the 5m Peak5 and love it. That was on my BSC740 and had some luck with it, but I really just wanted a dedicated kite foil to grow with. Now that I’m working out jibes I’m back on my wave kites though. Easier to manage when I inevitably have slack lines :smile:

I’m 215lbs and use the 130 for kiting and prone/tow. it’s great for kite imo. I tried the P140 kiting but it was way too locked in and the tips made a funny sound loading for jumps when releasing from the water.