- Wake Foiling -

I started foiling behind a boat and by the 7th session started dropping the rope. This is my 3rd summer wake foiling and I still love it. There’s no better way to learn to pump IMO and you can get so much time on foil each session. It gave me a solid foundation for learning to wing foil, as the foiling part was already ingrained in my brain. I saw this clip yesterday and it gave me some new things to try. Brian Finch on Instagram: "Big mahalos 🙏🤙 to @chaseheavener for hosting a great day on the lake! Here’s Chase up front and @briankgrubb further back. @freedomfoilboards @liftfoils @nautiqueboats @liquidforcefoils"

It seems like wakefoiling is possibly the biggest growth potential for foiling, as almost any body of water and most boats can be adequate. Obviously guys like Austin Tovey and Noah are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, then taking those moves to the ocean. Such as: Austin Tovey on Instagram: "Wake foil Wednesday! • Working on my style riding @armstrongfoils cf950 • Wait till the end to see something new that I’m working on • @realwatersports @foiltheworld #wakefoil #flow #findyourflow #armstrongfoils #foiling #foil #wakeboat #surf #loyaltothefoil #wake #boat #progression #wakefoilwednesday #foil360"

It is also excellent for testing gear, such as tail shims or back to back comparison of different tails. I had a session Monday where I tried three different tails and a variety of shims and three different front foils. My buddy had five different tails to try. We did all this testing and pumped around a couple islands in a few hours.

Absolutely. Watching the progression of the wake crew in the surf says it all. Austin is a legend and watching him on the wake from 15 feet away on the boat is bonkers.

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@radair @Erik Is that a prototype Armstrong board for wake? Profile and volume look low. I see some crossover potential for kitefoiling where volume isnt as critical.

It’s definitely not a production Armstrong board. Austin is a sponsored rider so maybe he’s testing a proto or just decorated a board with A team stickers.

A couple more mind blowing clips:
Brian Finch shared a post on Instagram: "Unreal! First time I’ve seen someone pull this off…and on my signature board @freedomfoilboards FTW PRO nonetheless!! Bravo @noah_wildman ✊

Posted @withregram • @beaux_wildman Try this at home :)

Austin Tovey shared a post on Instagram: "The battle for the double alley-oop 720 continues..!🤞 🤞 🤞 @armstrongfoils @realwatersports • 

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