What version mast do you have?

Can someone compile a list of what mast is what version? Every brand is coming out with a new mast. Some of them look exactly alike. How are we supposed to know which is the new version of a mast? Is there a red stripe on the side? Did they just put a HIGH MODULUS sticker on it and charge twice the price? Any tips on what to look for?

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Specifically cabrinha. I’ve never held those masts in my hand. Anyway I can tell from pictures on a website which version mast it is?

Cabrinha is probably the easiest. There’s only one Cabrinha Carbon mast and it’s the fusion mast from 2021/2022. It has the round Cab logo on top. There is a 2023 mast coming with some changes, but it’s not officially out there yet. It has a banded graphic at the top (not the round logo).

The rest of the Cabrinha masts are aluminum.

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Who has ridden the cabrinha 80 cm carbon mast and can compare it to Takuma aluminum or lift mast for me?