What's comparable to Axis 1051 with a little more low end?

I’m riding at 95kg and I really love the 1051. Such a fun foil with the right tail and the right conditions. But it will drop right out from underfoot on the pump if it slows down at all. Maybe code 980S or Eagle 990? Hoping for anyone who might have a direct on-the water experience with 1051. I can look at numbers on websites all day.

860r code or 770r.
S is more like axis art but better in every way

I hope they bring out a new wing around the size/AR of the Art 999, but with the improvements of the spitfire and art pro. The Art Pro range seems a bit too high aspect and stally, except for the 1201 which is brilliant but big. The spitfire needs more glide.

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Try the code s. It’s exactly what ur looking for.

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thank you! any idea which code fuselage is most similar in length to Axis Ultra-short? Are the fuse lengths for Code published anywhere?

I think the short fuse is comparable to the short. I think u should pair the fuse with the wing. So if ur on the 850 , the medium /150 is the most standard combo. If going with 980+ wings then the short makes a lot of sense to loosen up the bigger wing. On the 720 u could consider the long fuse or the medium fuse. For the tail I think u should just stick with the 150 for all combos and then experiment with the 158 or 142. But likely u could just stick with the 150 for everything.

Plenty of advice and you don’t even say what your using it for.

If for surfing surely it is more sensible to stick with the maximum 10 aspect offerings, Even for DW i think aspect 10 is ridable enough for all but the racers.