Wingfoil boards with Tuttle box (custom or production)

Starting to research my next wing board (72kg riding 75L Axis Froth) and I’m having a hard time finding boards with a tuttle box option. I’m open to production or custom.

I like the looks of Ken Adgate’s boards as they seem to be functional and fast at the same time Rumor has it that he doesn’t make boards for just anyone. Any other shapers people would recommend? Vince Broglio?

I think the Hawaiian shapers seem to like them, Flying Dutchman.
Also Mikes Lab in SF favours them so whoever shapes their boards (eg Johhny Heineken)

They all seem pretty limited in terms of new customers but I imagine you could just ask someone doing semi-custom boards to do a tuttle instead of tracks?

For a generic looking production board the GoFoil wing board comes in tuttle. Looks reasonable.

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Blue planet has them as well