Winging narrow boards in waves

Anyone out there winging narrow boards in waves?
Seen clips of Adam Bennett’s on the sultan wing in light wind and Paul Cooper on the Majek Hellfire wing 60L which really interests me. It’s 5’1 x 19 looks like would be good for me at 93kg for our spots with patchy wind.
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Anyone else riding this sort of board?

I ride a 45L FFB nugget and it’s amazing. Highly recommended, will never go back to a bigger board

It a 45L Nugget is 4’7 x 21 so not narrow.
I’ve winged a 35L but our wave spots always have patchy wind which makes it almost impossible to get out & get going in between waves when it’s overhead. 65L Sky style works great but I prefer the narrow width of the 35L

I have a mini DW board that I wing. I wrote about it extensively in another thread. Its 5’7", 21", 80L (Im 80kg). Gets up very efficiently in lightwind.

Mine is not really that narrow, but even at that width with an efficient hull, it gets very tricky with sideways motion. These designs are intended to be pointed into or out of waves. They get quite tricky in cross grained winging conditions. For what you are describing, I think you are going to want to go quite a bit lower volume to get stability you need in conditions of those size.

Paul (and Glenn Pang from Majek) are both very responsive on Instagram, so you might reach out to them with questions on that board specifically.

The tracks on the Sultan wing look oddly far back.

Have messaged both and they say it’s amazing but wondering if others using 19 wide 60L boards.
Need the volume to get going in small puffs as if on a full sinker the gust is not long enough to get on foil before next wave takes you out.
Got a 5’3 x 23 83L with pulled in tail for when it’s light but thinking can go smaller when windy