Wings with Booms are FAR superior for surfing

I wing constantly, probably 200 sessions/year, had the Duotone Unit which I loved, just got the new Slick.

WOW winging with a boom is an actual gamechanger. Of course that term is extremely overused (including the foil called “gamechanger”) but the boom completely changes your riding for the better.

For example, riding toeside allows you to put your hand in the middle of the boom and fly it perfectly one-handed with your body completely open like proning, makes for awesome wraps. Riding heelside you can hold the wing however you please one-handed and tailor your power as needed. On waves you can flag out from the front handle or just hold the boom as needed which turns out to be fantastic. Going downwind down the line you can perch the wing above your head easily out of the way.

If you enjoy wingfoiling in surf this is actually a gamechanger. Order-of-magnitude improvement in performance, style, and ergonomics in the surf.


I just bought the Unit v3, it’s surprisingly unstable, and flags out very poorly in my opinion. It moves around so much and doesnt sit in a single spot. Really big disappointment, but it’s also possible I just need to put more sessions on it so adjust. I was using Armstrong V1’s before. Hows the slick compared on luffing? I’m now looking away from hard handles and back to soft handles because of this, the Strike V3 looks really good.

Are you riding powered? I typically hold the luff handle and am primarily looking for the wing to be stable so that I don’t have to think about it. It doesn’t seem like the boom would make an impact unless you’re riding powered.


I’ve never been a boom fan or considered it but I can see in some situations it could be beneficial. I have F one strike v2s so am going to add a powerboom attachment to try it out – not exactly the same as a dedicated boom, but the easiest & cheapest thing to try. I mostly value a wing’s ability to sit there neutrally when luffed out which this wouldn’t help but there are times when a boom could be useful. Thanks for mentioning @Rad_Duke

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I’ve had OR aluula glide wing and that thing was amazing flagged out from the front handle, super light and just disappeared. They actually have a boom and handles now, problem with that wing is that it’s wingspan is huge so it can be annoying, otherwise it’s excellent.

Agree, the Unit likes to flip over for some reason, flags pretty good though and has nice direct feel with the handles.

No, normally I’m not surfing waves powered with the wing but the boom gives you all options if you want any amount of power or you just want to flag it out by your hips and rip.

The boom just completely changes my riding style in surf. I had a great session today again and it’s so rad coming at a wave toeside with the wing in your front hand powered exactly how you want it and your stance open almost exactly like you are proning without a wing, then doing a big heelside turn wrap and flipping the wing the other way one handed and riding the wave. I really need to get a video of it. Maybe I’ll try and get a clip somehow tomorrow.


I totally agree. I got a boom for my 5 and 6 m OR wings and I am a convert. No more looking for the back handle in transitions. One handed riding is great as you mentioned and it’s also excellent for moderating power when over or under powered.

Really depends on your goals. I think it’s just a style thing. Wing foiling attracted me for its ability to 100% depower and ride waves. Riding the wave powered with a wing feels more like windsurfing then surfing to me(used to windsurfing and loved it). I am on the flag handle as soon as possible and want the wing to disappear. The weight of the boom means a wing will need more wind to flag well. On top of that I have yet to see a duotone wing that is stable while flagged. I have found the FOne wings to be the most stable light weight wings for surfing. Have ordered the new strike v3 for my next 5.5 mid range wing, looks sweet.


Thanks for replying!

Idk what the deal with Duotone is, most of the info I found online says they’re amazing, but I’ve only been disappointing with this Unit V3. Maybe this brand is overhyped. They even claim its a “wave” wing.

I did one last session yesterday with it and I was so annoyed at how unstable it is, even just sitting on the water or trying to get it overhead, I confirmed my decision to sell it next chance I get, and will be getting a Strike V3 and trying that.


Same. The Ocean Rodeo wings flag out incredibly well and have a stiff leading edge handle, which makes it easy to control the wing. I don’t notice any change with the weight of the boom. It’s carbon and pretty light weight.

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In the waves I rarely need extra power from the wing, but on flat water the one handed riding is pretty nice to have feature indeed. Starting at 00:37 sec.

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Can they make a wing with a boom that attaches to a carbon pole that then attaches to the board? And maybe add full battens and camber inducers to the LE as well? Would be so nice.


I must kindly and respectfully DISAGREE here.
My #1 reason for winging is for having fun in the surf when there’s wind, all the other advantages like freerinding and being able to enjoy a nice cruise with 10-12 knots in a 4M wing are add-ons. So for surfing I’ve only come to the conclusion that soft handles are the best, and rigid handles come second, but I’ve tested the complete boom and it’s a no go for me, it just simply adds too much weight and will make the wing in the surf to hold it’s neutral flight (following you) less, cause it’ll stall in front of you for example, easier than if the wing is just lighter (soft handles are always lighter). Booms and hard handles always add weight to the trailing edge. I’m very picky with this.
Also, in decent waves conditions, I don’t want an additional risk (board and foil is enough hazard) with hard stuff (boom or hard rigid handle) than can hurt me.
I think the boom wing from Duotone and most brands that go for that design are more intended for freestyling and freeriding, I can see the ease of use and feeling intended for windsurfers (I was a windsurfer too), but I don’t see how they can improve my surf foil when winging.


I’m sticking to my claim.

Just had another session on the wing today and was doing lots of open ocean swell riding downwind. Great with the boom as the wing wasnt flapping in my face about to get run over as I rode the bumps. Handles and front handle are great in side-off and some sideshore conditions but I still argue boom is better for surfing in side-onshore and downwind etc.

I’ve had it all: soft handles, hard handles, and boom now. #Boomer4lyfe is going to be my new lower back tattoo…or maybe my wifes???


Better yet, drop the wing entirely! I’ve recently picked up the Cloud IX Anchorman and it allows you to quick release the wing and ditch it (drogue chute deploys and keeps the wing drifting slowly downwind. Haven’t tried in the surf, but works great for DW practice.

Back to the OP’s point, I’m about to pick up the OR Boom to add to my 5M and 7M Glides and also my 4M Freewing Nitro, which I’m having retrofitted to accept the OR matrix system.

I like the ability to select soft, hard, or boom depending on conditions. In bigger waves or hectic conditions I always go soft handles for my boards sake. In more mellow waves or lighter dw conditions, the boom should be awesome per OPs post. The ability to power in to a wave and one hand it the other way before flagging, with ability to quickly one hand it back into power zones without looking sounds nice.

Boom should also do the trick for our friendly races too.


Hard front handle and soft back handle is the TRUTH. All wings should be modular and offer the user the decision of handle type.


Player 3 has entered the chat with the hybrid hard soft handle argument……lol. To many options.


I have been using a drift anchor to drop the wing for three sessions so far in the surf. It’s so fun. Total game changer for light onshore days when flagging can be difficult. Really easy and low drama in light wind conditions.


if your wing doesnt have a middle handle then sure id prolly take a boom over it

but if your wing has a middle handle , sorry id take the three soft handle option rather

what i dont like about the boom is how the center section of the wing is unsupported , when it gusts you can see how badly the wingshape distorts and turns into a parachute

a few hits in the chest with the bar didnt impress me much with the boom either

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I love these… benefit of both worlds, My Cloud IX SLE it’s like that!

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Slicks don’t deform at all with gusts, very robust like a windsurf sail with such high tension. The canopy is specifically designed to work with the boom (instead of as an add on accessory) and now in at least their 3rd commercial generation.

If anyone is interested in wing design (similar to Erik’s detailed interest in hydrofoil design/tuning) check out the podcast interview with Ken Winner on BluePlanet, it’s very detailed and interesting.