Winter wingfoil destinations in the U.S. for a beginner?

Love La Ventana but the swells are challenging for learning. I’m hoping folks have recommendations for flat water spots in the U.S. that are good in winter. Texas? N. Carolina? Would rather avoid Florida…

Outside of Florida, US is going to be hard in the winter. Turks and Caicos is a good flatwater spot for learning with a bunch of schools for lessons. I think Aruba and Antigua have some options that would work too.

In the same boat…want to winter in LV once my skills are up to it…I’ve got Stuart, FL and Corpus Christi, TX as my main options for the US in winter with flat water options

You can also go to Texas City, just south of Houston…Houston Kiteboarding will take care of you for gear and or lessons…just not the nicest place to spend time IMO

Texas works although it’s cold and not particularly nice (I’ve been to SPI in March). North Carolina is actually frigid until April (I’ve been there almost every month).

Stuart Florida is the place. You can also get lessons from Gwen the legend there which is a bonus.

If you are willing/able then you can do Turks but that’s obviously not in the USA.

Why avoid Florida!? The keys are great in the winter!

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