Late October warm wing destination with easy access from US

It’s getting cold here in Idaho, and I’d like to get in a few days of winging in warm, beginner friendly conditions to try to solidify what I’ve learned this first year (up and foiling back and forth).

Hurricane season isn’t quite over yet for the Caribbean/Gulf, so not so sure about heading there, but considering Corpus Christi or FL or Puerto Rico.

Also not sure the wind will be up yet in Baja, and I don’t know of any protected/flat water in Los Barriles or La Ventana.

Maui is a bit of a stretch to get to, but a possibiity…

That’s all I’ve got, but some insider recommendations would be great…thanks!

Far south Caribbean is definitely windy and warm (Bonaire, Aruba, Curacao, etc…). That is going to be your best bet. Slightly further North (less windy), but Grenadines are a great spot and there are some low consequence waves.

If you are a beginner, then Turks and Caicos is a great place to learn. Super accessible and wind is fairly consistent (although Oct is slightly early that far north). Its flatwater though, so you aren’t going to get any waves.

Ive heard good things about Corpus and also S. Padre in Texas. Supposedly consistent wind and decent waves, but I think it doesn’t really get going until Jan/Feb.

Bermuda looks decent in Oct, but not super warm.

You can get historical wind data on for researching spots.

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Southeast Florida can be excellent. My range is typically Fort Pierce to Jupiter depending on wind direction. The Stuart Causeway is like a wind machine and would fit your beginner friendly criteria. Great crew of welcoming people too.

Hawaii is much closer than the carib, wont be super consistently windy, but there will be wind. and if not, go prone