WTB - Axis wake thief setup - PNG1150, 460 stab, 750mm 19mm mast, short fuselage

I’m currently running a Slingshot setup and really want to try an Axis wake thief setup.

Use case is inland fresh water lake, behind the boat. Goal to do some flat water pumping. I’m 195 lbs. located in MN

Would love to piece together an Axis setup for used prices vs buying new. Have gone through 3 wings on slingshot and wife is pressuring me to ‘stop’ with the upgrades :slight_smile:

This is kit I’m trying to replicate

I’m new here but use this username on all my forums with buying and selling feedback for ~10+ years. Lots of feedback on Mastercraft forum.

While not a PNG1150, I do have a BSC1060 and red short fuse for sale. The 1060 is slightly lower aspect (6.51 v 7.72) but a bit more area (1803 v 1778). Both are in excellent shape. Shoot me a DM if you have any questions.

Thanks! Trying to hold out for PNG 1150 but will keep you posted if I’d like to give this a try.

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@S9tim is helping me out with the PNG 1150 wing, rear stab and fuselage - thanks!

Anyone have a doodad or mounting plate they are looking to sell?!

Hi Kwoody51

I live in MN with the full waketheif set up. I dock start on Lake Minnetonka where are you located?


Sent you a PM.

I’m also on lake Minnetonka with a wake theif setup. However I have no dock start skill or experience :slight_smile: