750 katana vs 800 progression mast prone

Hey folks. I’m upgrading my Uni mast for prone. Mostly riding p170 and sometimes p140. Have been riding the 750 std Uni mast which feels slippery but maybe flexi and I’ve sold it with another kit so looking to upgrade. It may sound crazy but I’m worried about the extra 5cm of the progression mast as I don’t want to be too deep in the water for pump, but it also sounds like an improvement in katana. I have heard however it is slower than 750 katana? Would love to hear any thoughts please.

Maybe check out the videos where they talk about why they made it. If Im remembering correctly, yes, they are thicker and draggier and slower due to the extra carbon material. But this also makes it stiffer, and the design intent is that its extra stiffness makes it easier to keep higher on mast in a better position, which in the end results in you not actually feeling the extra drag and perhaps having it feel better overall. Personally never interested me but thats the idea.

The progression 800 mast is very good. I use it for prone with the 140 and 200 progression front wings. Unreal stiff and no issues with drag in the surf. Its very efficient when you are high up on the mast. I surf shallow sandbars and now prefer the 800 over a shorter mast because the performance aspects overweigh anything else.

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awesome thanks for that. I talked to someone who’s ridden both and decided the prog 800 is way to go and I’m sure I’ll get used to the extra 5cms

The extra cms have only helped me. I barely breach on turns now.