Adding and removing footstraps between wing and prone

I’ve been learning to prone on the 4’1" FFB Rubix and I’m keen to give it a go for winging but I wanted to see if anyone has experience adding and removing footstraps over and over. Reason being is that I’m not ready for footstraps for prone but I really like them on my wing board and I think they’d make waterstarting for winging much easier.

Given that the footstrap screws are more of an aggressive “wood” type screw, any problems installing and removing footstraps over and over?

Im in exactly the same boat and have had no issues adding and removing footstraps a few times myself. I have also asked others who do this much more often and have been told there is no problem adding and removing the straps frequently. I figure if I ever have loosening, I could always just upsize the screw.

I think Armstrong boards have threaded inserts, which seems thoughtful.

Threaded inserts make a ton of sense.

Would love to eventually prone with straps but my skill level is nowhere near that point and the fact that my local spot is super shallow. As soon as you get to your feet you have to start thinking about getting off the wave and pumping back out. Might be easier on longer waves but not in the small, shallow setup that I typically ride.

I saw a video that suggested turning the screw backwards first, until it drops in a bit, then tightening, so it lines up with the old grooves and doesn’t strip it out faster.


I think only their WKT board has threaded inserts. My FG boards do not and I have installed and removed straps multiple times with no issues.

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