Tail Width for Prone foil

I apologize if this subject has already been discussed and please feel free to point me in the right direction for the correct column. So I am considering a new foil board which is most likely a little premature for my experience. But I feel the one I have is a tad too big for me possibly. I have a Armstrong FG in 4’10 39Liters. I think when I got it originally it was perfect but am already kinda growing out of it. With only prone foiling being what I want to do as per now I have been doing some research on different templates. It seems the hybrid prone/wing boards have a much fuller outline hence wing with need more volume. Prone specific boards seem to be way more pulled in almost looking like a skim board. In my personal experience thus far I have found at times all of the extra volume when up on foil makes me a bit nervous to be honest. When getting up on foil due to the amount of extra area to put my feet it almost makes me feel like there is more room for error with foot placement. Also while we are at it, concave deck is kinda scaring the shit out of me. It makes that little more bit of angle a little tough to correct. This could also be because I have never consistently surfed a board with a concave deck, though I understand what it does. It feels like a lot of extra area in front of me but also the tail width it self seems very unnecessary for prone. Coming from surfing I know what a wide tail does but when on foil there really is no point. Also a wide tail does not really help when paddling it actually only causes drag, technically a narrow tail releases water faster which if the volume is displaced correctly paddles quicker. So anyway any insight on this would be helpful. Anyway anyone else on Armstrong and feel the same way for prone? Again my current board is amazing but might just be a bit too big for what I want to do.

Wide vs narrow tail really comes down to your riding style, both can work, both have advantages and disadvantages. I personally prefer super skinny boards with a wide tail and light concave deck.

If you’re having trouble with foot position on takeoff, I’d recommend adding some kind of tactile reference to help find the right spot. I run an off-center arch bar that has really helped get my back foot in the right spot on sketchy takeoffs.

Find some small patches of pad and either screw them into the strap inserts or stick them on top of the existing pad. I find under my toe or arch are good spots.

Can also play with moving your foil back in the box. This can give you some extra time to get situated before the foil lifts you.


I prefer a concave deck as it centres you on the board while paddling aggressively for a wave ,especially the smaller the board, as you don’t have as much buoyancy in the board pushing against your chest for control.It also helps control feet feel position as you can tell if you are close to the edge without looking. I’m 82kg and 4’5 is my allround best size , prefer smaller board for smaller waves and bigger board for larger waves……that’s prone paddling not towing etc.

I thought the idea with the wide tail on foil boards is to give you a bit more push/stability when catching waves in the whitewash.

I am so new to this whole thing I don’t know. I figured since my board is a wing/prone board the wide tail was more aimed for stability when getting up winging. But a wider tail may help with stability when paddling into a white water wave situation.