AFS Silk and KD Maui tails

Are the KD tails compatible with the AFS silk foil setup? Do they need an adapter?

Anyone tried this combo?

I’m considering switching from lift to AFS, and have a bunch of KD tails that I love and hope to carry over…

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Yes they fit. I have not tried the kid although I’d like to but have tried the afs pure ha tails and it does increase glide. I believe some people are using uni tails too


Thank you - appreciate it :pray:

Has anyone got any favourite setups/advice on KD tails and shimming with the AFS Silks?

I have the R13, boomerang and Marlin 13. I’m still trying different combos but haven’t started the shimming wormhole yet.

If anyone has any experience with these combos I’d love to know!

The Silk stabs are great for when there’s a bit of power in the waves, but I find I often drop out when pumping in weaker waves. It may just be that I have a lot of adapting yet to do, but any advice/wsdom appreciated!

I rode the 850 and 1050 with the Marlin 14 and didn’t really like it. It felt more unpredictable, pitchy and locked in than the 152 tail (my go to) and not noticeably faster. To be honest the Marlin hasn’t been my favorite tail on any setup though and the negative attributes I got with the silks is similar to what I felt on other setups with that tail. I didn’t shim either tail on these setups.

Going to try an ha silk tail soon.

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