Any Good Foiling Films?

Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has come across any good foiling films yet. YouTube clips are cool but it would be cool to see foiling get some love from higher budget, longer length film makers. I remember Jack Ho (ig: jackfromtown) posting something about a movie release he attended a few months ago in LA. Looked like a movie focused on foiling and the voyager crew on Oahu.

Trying to stock up on movie ideas for a backyard movie night + cookout + beer drinking sesh for our local, NC foiling crew.



Hey @Jsonnett !

I would say the guys at GONG are the ones making the most investment in filming!

Loved this movie, it’s 42 mins so I think it’s what you’re looking for. Look also for F-One they did some nice videos in 2021 and 2022.

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Very cool! I’ll add it to the backyard showing schedule! Thanks.

@Erik when will you guys be putting out a documentary on the Florida foil scene?!

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We’ve talked about it. It would be an epic project

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