Anyone have a good technique for adding a numbered guide for mast placement?

I’m starting to go deeper into tuning my mast position on the board and it would be helpful to have a guide. I will likely be changing it a lot when switching wings and when conditions are different so it would be nice to have numbers to refer to when taking notes. I’ve seen some other boards that have this built-in, see photo below.

I was thinking of just using a sharpie marker and writing on the board but didn’t know if there were better ideas out there.

You could always put a piece of clear packing tape down the center of the boxes and draw a numbered guide on that with a sharpie (and add notes to tape). My board has white boxes and I just make a simple mark with a good ol’ #2 pencil on the side of the track inside the box. That’s effective for marking your sweet spot once you identify it.

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If I had nothing to start I’d put the mast all the way back, mark the back of it, then put marks fwd every cm.

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yeah that sounds like a good idea - thanks!

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Alright, so I kind of copied the example from the previous photo but followed @FoilFondler 's idea of making the all-the-way-back setting as zero. I printed out a ruler and attached it with clear packing tape like @lewis suggested. I’m not sure if this will survive in the water or even how long but at some point in the future I probably won’t need the numbers much. Thanks all, time to go surf and dial!


Just use a Sharpie, last quite a while

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot when/if this wears off.

Foilparts should make a sticker.

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marker is probably ideal since it doesn’t create a bump under the mast plate, making it wobble.