Anyone used KD's 15" DW race tail AND Lift's 21 Flow?

Modifying the title / question a little… I’ve been using the 14 Marlin for the better part of a year with my Lift ha X stuff. Anyone have a comparison of the two. Really 5-10% faster than the 13 Marlin???

And what about the 21 Flow compared to any of the aforementioned? I have both 20 and 26 Carve with the fuse extension and they are still too short for my style (downwinding in larger swell). The Carves with extension just don’t have the pump authority of the Marlin 14 on the long FP adapter. I’m sure that’s mainly a fuse length issue as they are otherwise great tails. I’m already turning as tight as I need to with the Marlin.

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I’ve rode only the KD Marlin 14 all summer before getting the KD DW race tail recently. My GPS watch said it goes about 10% faster than the Marlin. I paired the KD race tail with the Armie DW685 and HA725 winging and the glide improved along with speed over the Marlin. The Marlin felt a bit easier to turn in waves. The thin G10 material flexes a bit under load but it feels good and doesn’t seem to be a bad thing.

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Awesome BZ, thanks!