New Flow 21 Tail Lift

Got the new 21 Flow tail from lift. so far seems like a amazing tail. really fast lots of glide and the fuselage length def makes it stabile . Still new to foiling so its hard for me to describe what i am feeling

Anyone else have one ? what are your thoughts

I’m curious how the length (and feel/performance) of the Flow line compares to the Carves with the fuse extension…


I winged the 21 Flow tail tonight along with new 32” M2 mast and 90HA. Wind was 20knots. I’m 190 pounds.

Initial impressions: my favorite Lift tail so far. Extra fuse length added stability whilst letting run a tight turn. It worked great with the 90.


Got mine in the mail yesterday. Haven’t used it yet but did notice it’s a bit longer than the carve26 + extension


Thanks, I was curious about the length compared to a carve with extension. I use the 20 and 26 carves with extension and like them a lot. With the 150x, the 20 always takes 10 minutes to get used to the pitchy-ness but ultimately I love it. I don’t use the 20 with the 110x anymore, just the FP long adapter with a 14 Marlin in the middle position. That’s longer than either of the aforementioned tails w/ extension. Regardless of the extra length the 21 Flow looks very nice. It will be a fun demo but I may opt for a smaller spicier KD Marlin for the FP adapter instead.

Regardless, I won’t have access to any new stuff until May as my winter digs are well outside mainstream shipping routes…

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Today, I rode prone in small waves on the 150HA / 21 Flow and 32” M2. I found the 21 Flow to be more neutral compared to the 26 Carve (long fuse edition, which I ride without an extender).

The carve has a shorter fuse and bigger surface area vs the flow.

My current focus in winging is on flat water and trying to go fast. The Flow seems to allow the 90HA to go a bit faster and with more control.

So for me, it could be the 26 Carve for small wave prone and the Flow for winging >15 knots.

I’ll continue using the 21 Flow and 26 Carve on my 90HA and 150HA and report back.

Keen to hear what is working for others.


For anyone interested, here is a comparison of fuse length for the flow 21 and 20 carve + ext


I’m currently riding the 90HA flat out proning. I had it paired with the 28” lift mast and 25” glide tail but just recently ordered a no limits v2 and I’m looking at upgrading to either the 21 flow tail or 20 carve.

I’m leaning towards the 20 Carve but worried about the pump with the short fuselage.

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

The flow is super fun, but it’s long.

The carve without extender is pretty short.

The carve plus extension is in between as pictured above.

For pumping around and making turns in the surf I would recommend carve + extension or carve alone depending on conditions.

For larger waves with lots of room to make large turns, downwinding, overall fastest speed and winging etc. I’d go the Flow.

The Flow is awesome but is not the same as carve with a built in extension as shown above.

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I don’t see the 21 flow being helpful for your situation either.

At 90Kg, I can’t see any point to using the 20 carve without the extension. It turns the 150X into a sports car for me, there’s no reason to turn any tighter. I do prefer the Marlin 14 on the long FP adapter most of time though, the pump authority is superior and and still turns really well.

The 20 carve really is a lot of fun in smaller waves and still pumps perfectly well, just a different cadence.

I’ll definitely demo the 21 flow but could also see picking up a smaller or spicier Marlin for higher speeds and longer radius turns.

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Thanks for the reply guys. Sounds like I’ll go the 20 carve with the extender and see how it goes.

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It’s totally pumpable without the extension too so definitely try it with and without and you may like it both ways depending on the conditions. Such a sick stabilizer

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I just Ordered one… I’ll try it with out the extension for now and see how it goes. Keen as