Opinions: 20 CARVE Back Wing

Hello everyone,

With the release of this new tail, it is tempting to ride it and unlock better turning, but i cant demo where i live.

So i wondered if anyone has tried it and which are the differences with the 26 Carve.

Any comments about the tails and combinations are welcome.
Have a nice day!

I’m a firm believer that the smaller the tail the lower the drag and whatever amount of lift is generated by a larger tail is not with worth the drag it creates. So far the 20 carve has handled turns just as well as the 26, it’s faster, and it allows for a little bit lighter feel under the foot.


Which front wings you paired with it so far?

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So any more thoughts on this post? THX

The 20 carve has replaced the 26 for me 80% of the time with the 150X (for downwinging). I don’t find it as usable with the 110X, could just be over my head (the waves certainly were). It makes the ride much higher energy / pitchy-er with both the X foils. When I went back to the FP long adapter and Marlin 14, suddenly the 110 was magic again. Probably would be great with the 120 and others as well, the 110 is just a special case :upside_down_face:

I noticed the 20 carve with fuse extension has about the sabe length as the 25 glide, which is great for downwind with the extension.

Have anyone considered using two extensions with the 20 carve or the curved wingtips already do the similar effect?

Is anyone across upcoming lift releases? Would be great to know what’s coming next

Probably would be great with two 3" extensions on the 150X and smaller. I’ve used the Foil Parts long adapter which would be about the equivalent length and it calms things down at speed as you’d expect.

How much difference is there in your rear foot position between the 25 Glide and 20 Carve? I’m guessing the 20 is faster. I find it noticeably faster than the 26C.

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I personally didn’t notice any speed difference whatsoever. Maybe only a little more glide but nothing that makes worth replacing from the 25. Also nothing significant in turns or it is just me.
Wish I had the opportunity to demo before ordering from abroad. Now let’s wait for the new game changer HA stabs and make the switch once again.

Since I haven’t tried any of the ‘glide’ tails I can’t say, just the 26 and 20 carve, 14 Marlin, Axis 350P with my 150X. My fear would be the glides are trimmed too board nose down, dive in turns, or just dive randomly like any tail with too much negative shim. You don’t mention where your back foot ends up with the glide vs carve but I’m curious if with the glide it ends up behind the mast.