Vyper 170 tail of choice?

Just picked up a used Vyper 170 set up and I’m itching to get it in the water. It came with the Carver 16 tail, which looks massive on it. How have you guys tuned the Vyper 170?

The carver can be a good tail but I chop it to a 13 or so. Start 13.5 and work down. Flat, fast tails work great on it. If you have some tails, experiment a bit. I generally tune the vyper with a 1-1.5 shim.

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Awesome, do you think the takuma 158 tail is too small for it?

the carve is a good beginner stab , but once you got flying then i highly recommend to reduce the stab size to start unlocking the foil

you do need ‘more’ stab on the vypers to reduce forward pitching , so if the 158 gives you too much back foot pressure then try shimming it

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I’m on a vyper 150 - i found the carver 16" too big. Best fit for me right now is the Shunt 13" and a +1 shim. Handles powered up for me and turns great but i can’t pump back out at all.


what you weigh joe ?

Hey Cliff, I’m 90kgs and 185cm.

yea unfortunately for us bigger guys pumping on small wings is just a dream … i can only just connect with the progression 170 but cant follow thru , am soo close.

im down to one bowl of rice per day and the kilos are coming off slowly slowly ( 103 kgs)

Nice. The 3-pack seems pretty cool, but I’m avoiding G10 because I get too many reef scrapes.

Can you pump the vyper 190? That’s what i started on - i haven’t ridden it since i got the 150 because handling the power of the waves where i surf is easier on the 150.

For winging in the vyper 170 i use the long fuse with the old kane blunt tail with 1deg shim, 1deg baseplate shim…if it’s really light and not choppy i might use kane’s boomerang tail instead, seems to pump better but feels wonky in chop

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