Axis 899 experiences

220 lbs been riding a gofoil RS 1000 and love that whippy fast turning short wingspan but just getting gassed pumping around. Been on a lift 120 for a few sessions and it’s been a good change, definitely teaching me a lot of finesse. The lift has been fun with speed and glide for days but it just needs a lot of speed and is super tender to pump or turn. I’m not safety surfing, but i am still not giving it my all.

I know I want to split the difference on span between the short span RS 1000 and the 120. Definitely don’t want a 1200 x 37” span. Want that whip with a hair more glide (RS 1000 is dooable but hard) so I’m thinking 35” span.

I know the CAB h1000 is probably the one but I HATE flexy noodle setups and I understand that mast is a noodle. Maybe the Axis ART 899?!? Span is right, area (850) is small but an improvement on the 120 which has been dooable. I hear the art wings are good at low speed and are really forgiving but that’s probably marketing bullshit.

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Have you ridden lift 150? If so how does it compare?

If you get a chance I highly recommend the Cab h1000. I have only just got them a week ago (h1000, H800, h650). And couldn’t be happier. I haven’t ridden the new gofoil gear but ridden many other brands. I have spent a considerable amount of time on lift (170ha, 150surf 120ha). While there is plenty to like about lift. Love the 150 on a wave but sucks cardio pumping it back out over distances. Love the 120 on smaller days but as soon as you get a little speed in is just too locked in on the turns and also prefers cleaner conditions and it reacts to turbulace. The last week I have been mainly riding the Cab h1000 on the 70 mast. I was worried about the mast and have a longer No Limits mast coming but thought I would take the chance with the 70 mast. I am not sure what everyone is talking about. It feels as stiff as the 28" lift mast to me. I yes I hate flexi mast but I was pleasantly surprised by the 70 mast (although as no one measures the masts the same way the 70 is 30mm shorter than the 28’ lift mast) Also I don’t love the way the mast connects or the tail. It’s not a deal breaker but the lift is simpler. But you soon get over that very quickly when you go out and ride. Just wow. I feel it pumps better that the 170lift and turns as good as the 150surf. I thought the h1000 was just going to be my marginal conditions wing but the range this thing has got is incredible!! The other thing is even though is really loose in the turns the pitch stability is like having autopilot on. I felt on the 120lift I had to be on my game to enjoy it but the h1000 I can foil like a muppet (most days, unfortunately). Can’t wait to spend some time on the 800 and 650 :slight_smile:


Maybe you should get the Cab 1000 with Nolimitz mast.

899 is nice but super user friendly, maybe it ias better with the new fus.

Art there any NL masts out there that are still in one piece?!? I already turned one broken NL into a Lift mast (hence the current LIFT 120) and i’ve got another one that is still waiting for a project but that same fix won’t work for the cab fuse.

The new rs850 or rs1075 could be the best option for you?

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Agreed! It would be great if Gofoil would reply to my email!

I had the chance to try the cab h1000 yesterday. It’s an easy foil, and you can feel comfortable immediately at the first wave. But i have been a bit disappointed. The mast is really flexible. And it is not that fast , compare to my armstrong 925. It has a good turny feeling but i needed to put a lot of energy to pump it. I was expected something more efficient. I have to test it more , because the technique to pump is a bit different with my 925.

Thruster’s turn better than twin fins, because the center fin creates drag, which allows you a pivot point to turn.

Wings that surf well are going to be less efficient. So the 1000 is for turning, it has a bit of extra drag from what I’ve read. The Cab 800 is more efficient, but doesn’t turn as well.

Anyone else think that Adam Bennett’s is just trying every brand on the market so that he can help design flite board’s new wings?

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Keeping us all guessing (and squinting on insta)

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i agree, i just want a HAIR more efficiency than that RS1000. Its so much work. Really performed well today though. (Thanks EARL!)

Actually Nick, they have better than average low end stall speed and are quite easy to use. They are for real. I sold my 899 to Johndrums as i dont like to work too hard getting on foil -999it is.
Also, i have a custom carbon g10 KDMaui front wing which keeps me up at night-thats similar to the 899 but…different lol

Sorry for thread hijack, but any word on when he’s going to release his full system? He’s not at AWSI that I know of. Seems like he’s close to having a full system ready to go though.


My buddy here who is his business partner says in the new year.
I’ve seen proto and let’s just say it ups the game. Also not for the penny pincher type.