Lift120&90HA wings

Just demoed Lift 120 and 90 with 26 carve tail.
Really liked the 120 , nice turning and pump and easy ride but felt speed limited and feel increase lift and drag dropping down bigger waves. Expected the 90 to be a scaled down version of the120 and would handle bigger waves ,but it almost produces the same amount of lift as the 120 for such a small wing and it even boosted me off on steeper takeoffs which I didn’t expect.Wondering what others who have ridden theses wings have experienced.

The 90 is the best wing lift makes for prone surf. It surfs nearly as good as the 150surfv2 and pumps nearly as good as the ha120.

The ha120 you can stay up for longer though. You can’t beat wingspan for that I guess. I sold off all of my lift gear except for the ha90 which I couldn’t bear to part with. I’m 170lbs and used it for prone surf and winging. It is not to small. They’re coming out with a ha70 because the 90 is to big :slight_smile:

I have nothing to use it with though so I guess it’s for sale if anyone wants a used ha90. I’m in Los Angeles.

@Hdip What are you riding these days instead of the Lift gear?

I’m going to get an ono foil m800 when I get some money.

Thank You. I havent seen any of those in the wild yet.

Had the 90 and 120 for a bit, could easily connect waves in good surf and at hi speed. Didn’t have much success in slower waves, does the fuse extender help a lot?

MA800 rider now, great wing and easy to pump!

I’m a 925/725 HA Armstrong rider and found the lift slower and harder in steeper / bigger waves but good on the medium size walls.Armstrong has more top end , lift more bottom end.

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