Axis tail shim!

Question how do you shim Axis to have less lift / go faster?
Does the type of tail mater? Example progressive tail vs pump?

Found it… Page 44 of product brochure on Axis site…

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I’ve played around with the Axis progressive, freeride and speed tails, and I think fair to say only really worth using freeride for early beginner and then moving to progressive quite soon.
(speed tail I don’t think has enough lift and freeride is too locked in and slow, maybe the smallest version with the tips cut off would be interesting)

The standard shim from Axis is a +1 degree shim, which makes the pump easier and slows things down. I think this is included with some of the bolt sets. They also have a -1 shim which you can print. This will make the foil faster but harder to pump at low speeds.

My opinion is that both of these are probably too big, and you’re better off with half degree shims, or getting creative with some plastic. You’ll find some 3d print files like these which are too small to get anyone to do commercially but if you ask nicely someone with a printer might help you out.

Rather than negative and positive I prefer “leading edge up/down” as there is no mistaking that

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You will need the -1deg file off the axis site or play with washer and adjust so the leading edge of your tail goes up.
I run the axis 3D print -1deg shim on my 400p tail with my 1150. What an amazing difference it makes!!! So much smoother. Highly suggest giving it a try.

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