Beginner prone foil board

Any recommendations on a beginner prone foil board? Brands dims? I’m 5,10 160

Something in the 35-40L range, maybe 4’6” to 5’? You’ll probably outgrow the board in 6 months so whatever you can get the best deal on.

What’s your background? Which foil do you have?

Seems like a mid-length would be the way nowadays?

I have an Armstrong 1550 v2. I’m a intermediate surfer in central florida

I tried to learn on the 1550 v2 at 155 lbs and I was getting absolutely LAUNCHED. I think it’s too much lift to learn on.

I switched to the 1250 and found it much, much easier. Like 5x easier.

I’m 5’7" at 145Lbs The board I used to learn on: Slingshot Skywalker: 5’ 10" 51 Ltr. Was great to learn on for prone and Foil Drive. It served its purpose for me. I have it listed for sale on a few sites. $400. Great condition. I’ll be in Fort Pierce for the month of February.