Beginner wing board - Looking for

Brand new winger looking to get started. Board can be old, abused and ugly is fine, not looking for high end gear… Anything floaty, 100L or more, available please? Thanks!

Shipping is expensive. Where are you located?

North Florida Near Jacksonville

Don’t know if you are still looking. I have a 7’0 JP foil board. It is 7’0 by 28" and 115L. I am about 1.5 hour south of you.

Not used, but if you’re in the budget, this sale might be useful, and is NEW!

It’s interesting to see the 7’2" cost less than the smaller sizes. Not sure why that is…

I’m seriously considering that package deal they have. I’m relying on a friend’s gear to practice, but their complete sets would sort me out for less than 2k

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Cool! Let me know if you need some extra guidance.
I started in 2019 with NSP gear, they are really well constructed, my first board (same as that Foil Pro but the past model) it’s still rotating in between beginners, It’s almost bomb proof and a very easy and stable board to go for.
It’s more of a SUP/WING hybrid board, so, you’ll get more lenght and width vs thickness (wing boards tend to be more thickness less lenght and width) and that’ll help to stand on your feet a lot.
Foils are cool too, they are on the heavy side, mast and fuse are super rigid and all parts fits quite nicely!