Beginner with Kujira 980. Thoughts?

Hi everyone,

My current setup is a Kujira 980, 75cm alu mast and 30L JS eagle. Im 84kgs and Ive had 6 session on it so far and i can now pop up and take small flights.

Ive noticed that to power up the foil i need a wave with a decent amount of energy and some shape.

Im wondering if investing in something like a Kujira 1210 front wing would be resonable option for someone at my level. I believe a wing like this would allow me to take advantage of fuller and/or smaller waves and give me more days on the water.

Im also aware im still learning and what ive noticed with the 980 could be changed with a developing technique and more experience foiling!

Would love to hear what you guys think.

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I had a 1210, I liked it but at the time I had the Uni Hyper 210 as well. The Hyper was super user friendly so the 1210 didn’t get much water time.

If the 980 is your only foil the 1210 would be a good addition as it has way more glide and pump than the 980. But I would go for the 1095 over the 1210, it’s a bit quicker and same glide in my opinion.

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If you are a beginner go for the 1210 - It’s way easier and user friendly, and can handle less energy waves as you require.
If you want to have something a bit more advanced, with more glide and better rolling go for the 1095, it’s more of an intermediate foil in my view, but you’ll get something to progress more.

The 1210 will give you more range - I’ve seen people that go from 980 to 1095 to cover almost same range of waves too. So, that’s another point for the 1210.

I’m 80kg and have the full Kujira range;
980 is super fun in chest high waves: awesome turning, average pump
1210 is super easy to ride in all conditions: super low stall speed, good pump, good turn
1095 is definitely the trickiest to ride: fast and slippery thru the water
1440 is a full glider. easy to fly on the smallest bumps


I’m a beginner. 80kg. On the 1095. It’s tough. Wish I had the 1210 for more stability… Especially if you already have a 980, I’d go up to the 1210. Have more fun now and not struggle

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Funny you say this. I found the 1095 to be pretty excellent in a very broad range of conditions. It definitely gets squirrelly at the very top end when its overpowered, but I feel like that top end was pretty high (high enough that a beginner probably wouldn’t find it) and until then it just ramped front foot pressure. Personally I found that foil to be extremely versatile and fairly forgiving for a mid/high aspect design.

So versatile that I sold my 1440 (to you I think!).

In my opinion, the 980 wants more power than a beginner will want to take on and the 1210 or 1095 would be a better fit.

I’m 200lbs. 1210 is my daily driver still. Outstanding do it all wing


I’m 240lbs and my daily prone foil is the 1210 I’m mostly in smallish mushy waves. It’s pretty easy to ride not super fast and easy to pump.

I’m (still learning)on k2 now and use the 1400 all the time since our waves are small and its takeoff is very gentle. Before I was on the 1210, and found it very serviceable for learning too. But I highly recommended shimming the plate or fuse so the AOA is reduced by 1°. I found that made pitch control on takeoff and pumping much more friendly. That’s assuming you have the fuse with the built in angle.

I’m a big fan of the 1210. I bet you could grab one used. Great low end, easy to ride, surfs pretty good for its size. Super stable foil with tons of lift and a very forgiving pump.

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yep that’s me.Thanks! The 1440 has been my go to for light winging and learning to sup downwind. Thing has a very wide speed range. I agree the 1095 works well in a broad range of conditions but its definitely slippery feeling compared to the others

the 1210 is a beast. its really user friendly, pumps forever and can turn. you wont regret it. a lot better than the 980, which is still a good foil for its age.

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I agree the 1210 is a great wing but I wouldn’t buy new as there’s better wings out now.

Plenty on used Kujira V1 gear around now.

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Thanks for the replies everyone! Ill go with the 1210, looking forward to it!

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Awesome mate, ill go for the 1210! Loving your insta also, good to see different foil spots around the gong as a beginner!

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ah cheers mate! are you around the gong? plenty of spots around here to tuck away from crowds. great variety.