Has anyone tried the Kujira 980 (for wingfoiling)?

I want something faster than what I have for winter in Maui. I have the 1095 & 1210 (with 178 stab).

Will there be a huge difference with the 1095?
I’ve found that in bigger swell the 1095 doesn’t give me enough speed and it’s hard to outpace the waves for maneuvers

(current boards are a 85L 5’5 which I learned on, and a 42L 4’10 KT Drifter F)

Kujira 980 is really fun winging and can keep up with fast ocean swells and turns way better than the 1095. It is a little more difficult to get going. but the ride quality is well worth it. I wing with the 85cm mast and am 167kg with a 70L board.

Correction: 67kg . 167 kg would be a bit too much for that setup.


1095 is a bit faster than the 980 from what I have felt, but the 980 gives much more control in the wave because of the reduced span. That being said above shoulder high even the 980 feels too big, it’s maxed out in speed and generates tons of front foot pressure. I suspect the 750 would do better but still with this front foot pressure issue (takuma is supposedly working on a v2 of kujiras that may fix the top end weakness). Currently opted for the cabrinha hseries for that matter… but waiting for european winter for proper testing. From what I have felt the H800 goes decent in head high, but probably have to go H650 to be fully comfortable.

Oh wow. That’s surprising.
750 might be the way to go if I stick to Takuma.
I have a great deal on a 980 though… Guess I’ll have to see if I can try it out and compare.

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Front foot pressure is minimal with a 1 deg. negative tail shim. Increases speed.

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I agree with the 1095 being a little bit faster than the 980. Stepping down to the 158 tail wing will give you a little extra speed.

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I’ve been surfing the 980 for one year, super happy with it but still to much lift in winter swell. Just had my second surf on the 750 and it has much more control ( with the mast more backwards). I’m 75kg :call_me_hand:

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Amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience without b