Best anti-seize

Took apart my no-limitz yesterday for the first time in a while and the bolts were covered in salt. No corrosion, but tons of salt and a bit of sand. Suggestions? The No limitz is metal to metal wing/mast connection.

Tef-gel. You can get a 2oz tub on Amazon or at West Marine. It’s expensive, but that tub will likely last for the rest of your life.

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Couldn’t find Tef-gel for a reasonable price so bought this stuff witch works equally well… You get more and it was $7 on Amazon

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White Lithium for me. Can find at Home Depot or Lowes for $5, and it doesn’t stain the board shorts like Permatex. No siezed bolts in 3 years, and can still see if there’s enough grease on the bolts by backing it out a little.


Have used grease, tefgel and duralac. Duralac worked best for keeping aluminium mast assembled to aluminium fuselage with stainless bolts - disassemble every month. Pretty toxic stuff though.

I bought some tefgel and put it on my bolts when I picked up this hobby over a year ago. Then I lost the tube and haven’t bought another one because it’s so expensive. Nothing has ever seized up and I leave things assembled for months at a time.

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