Cleaning screw holes and Teff Gel for Lift Foils?

I have new Lift gear and I noticed that after a bunch of sessions, there is a bit of sand in the screws. I noticed there was some gel on the screws and I wanted to clean the screw holes and then add some new tef gel to help avoid having them seiz in the future.


  1. What is the best way to clean out your screw holes on your mast etc.
  2. Do I need Tef gel for lift foils. I know Armstrong you don’t need it but what about for lift foils?

Thanks so much!

Mineral spirits, paint thinner, and probably gasoline will dissolve Tef Gel. Soak a small piece of rag and twist it down in there to get the sand out. Lift inserts appear to be stainless so technically no Tef Gel required with stainless screws. Does make the screws more resistant to loosening though.

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Hand tap will get the greasy dirt out. I use it every few months. Recommended to me by a workshop.


The Tef Gel makes them more resistant to loosening? I thought it would have made them looser.

It’s commonly accepted that when a screw is lubricated, you can get it tighter given the same torque vs unlubricated. Whether this lubrication makes the screw more prone to unloosening, I’m not sure but would assume not.

If the inserts are stainless, while the stainless screws may never seize to them due to corrosion (I think this is debatable), galling is possible. Stainless is kind of a soft metal and it’s possible for the screw to kind of fuse to the insert when the two parts rub together. That’s why I cringe when I see someone uses a high speed drill/impact to assemble gear and just crank it down. :joy:

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The tap seems like a good idea. Get the one at the top of that pic (bottoming tap).
Not sure if it’s because it’s sticky or kind of a lube but tef gel seems to keep my screws from loosening.

@HFWS, hopefully most people are smart enough to set the torque really low on their drivers and finish by hand.