Best Unifoil Progression wing size for beginner prone foilers?

I’m about to buy my first setup and have decided to get one of the unifoil progressions. Originally I was planning on getting the 140, but after doing some research and asking around I think the 170 or 200 would be a better option, especially being in Florida with summer coming up

I’m 6’1 200 pounds and have surfed most of my life but just got into foiling a few weeks ago. I’ve been borrowing my buddy’s cloud 9 s24 and have had a pretty hard time learning on it

Anyone out there who started out on a progression 140-200? I’m about to pull the trigger on the 170 but want to make sure it’s the right choice before dropping that kind of money. Any recommendations would be awesome, thanks!

For a FL summer my $0.02 is that you’ll probably be happiest with a 170. A 200 might be a bit easier initially, but only marginally so, and the 170 will give you more room to grow. A 140 will have even more room for growth but will be correspondingly more difficult at the outset. 170 also probably has better resale than a 200 if/when you want to downsize.

Haven’t spent much time on the 200 but have spent a lot on 125/140/170.

185lbs/80kg in Jax, FL.

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I’m 165 lbs and an almost a year into prone foiling and would definitely recommend starting with the P170. The P170 is very tolerant of mistakes and still stays on foil at very low speeds which is great for learning.

The P140 will be harder to learn on in my opinion since it has a higher stall speed and it is harder to pump than the P170.

I’m just now starting to appreciate the P140.


I live in FL and I’m 195lbs. I’m on the progression 170 most of the time. 140 will be too advanced for a beginner. 200 is a really big wing. I would say 170, medium fuse and 14.5 tail to start.


170 for sure ! Learning is very challenging but this setup will let you progress all summer by fall you will getting great rides

I started on the lift 200 and quickly dropped to the 170 and now 150 HA most the time. Just got a 170 progression ( thanks tanner.0) will be using it this summer for the low energy waves we have


I would echo what everyone else said about the PP170 also I might consider the viper 170. It’s a super intuitive wing and I think a little easier to learn than the PP.

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100% 170 - it’s plenty big.

I am 160 lb and bought the 170 to learn on but downsized to 140 after one session - it was too much wing for my weight. Now I am riding the 125 almost exclusively - I never touch my 170.

Having a wing thats too big with too much lift can make learning more difficult in my opinion. You dont want the foil to engage immediately when catching your first few waves - it’s much easier to get to your feet first, then slowly lift the foil. I was getting bucked off like crazy my first few sessions because my wing was too big for me.

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