New Armstrong -> Unifoil convert - looking for advice!

Alright, after using a friends old Armstrong setup to learn how to prone for a few months, I’ve decided to splurge on a new Unifoil Progression setup.

My Progression 170 / Katana 75cm setup arrives next week and I can’t wait to try it out.

That said, I live in Baja in an area with 7 point breaks. Points 1-2 are very mellow (1-2 ft) and waves roll in slow - seems perfect for the 170. Points 3-7 are a bit bigger (2-3ft) and faster.

I’m looking for some advice for a second front wing - should I go with a progression 140 or wait for the 125 for the faster/bigger waves at points 3-7? My town is very remote with no ability to ship anything so I’m trying to pick up everything I can in the states on my next trip north.

6’0 / 155 lbs

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I have the 140 and 170 and both have their purpose. I find the 140 to be my daily driver and the 170 I use when there are a lot of time in between swell or when I have to pump around a lot searching for a bump. I think you will find the 170 super maneuverable and easy. With that said from there I think it will help your decision in going down another 30 inches (140) or 45 inches (125). I am 5’8 140 pounds.

125 for sure at 155 lbs, comes out next week

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My buddy is 145lbs and ripping on the 140 on the waist high days in Florida

I have a 125 coming this weekend and taking it on a trip next week, will post a review after. I think the 170/125 combo may be ideal


125 for sure at your weight and those waves. My son is 140 and it’s pretty much all he rides now. I have to steal it from him to get any time on it. And its on our setup towing 80% of the time.