Unifoil Progression 170 vs gofoil rs 1150 prone comparison

Hi guys,

Looking for some advice. Looking for my first prone set.

Im a prone wanna be, aiming for foiling small/medium waves.
I have tons of kite foil experience.
74 kg

I want to choose one of those:

Unifoil Progression
75 alu mast
Fuse 33
progression 14.5e


67 mast
RS 1150

What do you recommend?

Pretty interested in a comparison as I also ride an RS 1150 and the Unifoil set seems to receive a lot of praise but is it worth it to sell my gear and switch over.

If anyone can also compare uni prog to the Cabrinha H-1000 that would be awesome

I’m lifelong surfer and have been kitefoiling for a bunch of years. I’m 75 kg. This summer I started prone foiling on the Progression 170. It is the exact foil that I was looking for.

I’m a beginner when it comes to prone foiling but I don’t have a single negative thing to say about the Progression 170. Definitely worth a look.

I’m a few months in and now connecting 3 to 4 waves thanks to the pump and glide of the 170.


the progression 170 is much easier to ride. very nice low end which is very helpful

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I have only heard great things about the unifoil set.
I am wondering if the gofoil is only one step before getting the unifoil.
And if it is, why not buying it now.

Money wise the gofoil is 40% cheaper for me.

Did you have the gofoil set that i have mentioned?

My opinion after learning to prone foil for the last 6 months:

In other sports (like surfing), two surfboard of the same type (two fishes etc) from two brands that are around the same size and similar construction won’t make that much of a difference to your surfing technique/speed of progression. They’ll basically work the same.

As an advanced Kite foiler and low intermediate wing foiler, to be honest I found those disciplines to be the same. With a power source to lean against as long as I can get up on foil, I could probably have as good of a time or progress almost as quickly with a cheaper setup. For most sports I’d usually say just save the money.

And because I shortboard daily (10+ years) I figured the past foil experience and surf experience would have made the transition easier.

It didn’t.

The reality is that prone foil surfing is WAY harder than any other sport I’ve learned. And the gear is a HUGE part of that.

Because it’s such a touchy, technical activity you need REALLY forgiving gear when you’re learning. You have nothing to lean against when you lose your balance. And the uni progression series is the most forgiving on the market today.

I tried out some more high aspect Lift wings and stuff recently and struggled. They felt twitchy and would drop me out of the sky without notice when turning or losing speed. The marketing says its good for prone foiling, but its not. Its a downwind/winging wing. Prone requires different things.

So even though the gofoil looks like it might be similar, it’s not.

My philosohpy as a non-technical guy that doesn’t typically chase the newest gear, is get the setup that will be the most forgiving and allow me to progress faster. At 40 years old, learning this is hard enough.

The progression series will be more forgiving, you’ll progress faster and have more fun!


Thanks :pray:
Your comment is priceless

GF makes some good wings and has the best construction in the industry. The 1150 isn’t one of the good wings.

I rode a friends 1150 in small waves. it definitely felt like I needed more wave energy (I weigh 185lbs). it did have glide once up and going but as I slowed down I was not able to pump it back up to speed.
The progression 170 has such a great low end making its easy to recover from mistakes, an absolute must for prone foil progression.