Build a better board bag

While packing today I had some thoughts. There should be an open ended sleeve in the inside for the mast that holds it, and importantly the plate, right at the back end of the bag, and some strap system to hold the board forward, so the plate and board can’t overlap. That’s it.


You can glue this sleeve into the inside of the bag?

I’ve been dreaming of an inflatable board bag, maybe like a thermorest mattress. Would make air travel so much less stressful.

Currently I double bag, a small board bag, inside a larger bag.


I think they went out of business though.

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I had a full on puncture recently from America airlines, like a knife wound. This would have then possibly eliminated all the padding unless there are multiple chambers.

I had a full tire mark on mine last year.
Handlers must absolutely hate boards.
Board was ok (small board bag inside big board bag, light yoga mats, foils & mast for sharp protection)

I ended up with my prone board in its bag inside of my 6’x22” LF bag which is thick. All good on way down. If I can just find an hour to actually use it. I just noticed Cerritos has a cam which is making me froth even more messily. Merry various solstice celebrations y’all.

Btw I stuck the end of my bag into the extended handle of my roller which made carrying it much easier.

I believe this is a self inflating type of setup and would still work after a puncture.

I have a thermarest sleeping pad for camping. It has a foam that forces the air inflation. Similar to what the bag states.

I think this could be used for a board bag and even after a few punctures, the foam will still be expanded and keep the board protected.