Inflatible board bag padding

Pro Lite just released an “armored coffin” bag which includes an inflatable rail padding system. That bag probably isn’t right for me but I really like the inflatable rail padding. Anyone ever see something like that that can be purchased by itself? I’ve reached out to pro lite to see if they will sell that piece but it isn’t shown on its own on the site.

Looking for something more durable and reusable than bubble wrap. I already use flexi hex and it works very well but it doesn’t last more than a trip or two.

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where are you buying the flexi-hex? I would support this concept based on sustainability over bubble-wrap or pool-noodles

I travel with boards a lot and have gone through a lot of it. I have ordered from Cleanline (great customer service), Veia and Surfdome in the past. It works well, it just doesn’t last more than a trip - maybe two if you are careful.

For anyone interested - ProLite got back to me saying they intend to sell the inflatable rail padding component on its own sometime around the end of 2024.

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