Building Tails?

I have been messing around with some stab designs I drew up in Rhino(CAD program) and have been dreaming of how to make them, option 1 is to 3d print a plug and make a mold off of it, then lay up a carbon tail (easier said than done). Option 2 is figure out where I can get them cut out of G10, this seems like the harder method as it doesn’t seem like milling G10 is a common practice. Does anyone have any advice on how to get started with building my own tails?

Ask on the facebook page “Board and hydrofoil building”.
There are builders on there that could be or already are head designers for foil companies. Adrian Roper from Axis often chimes in. There’s also an aussie on IG goes by CrispOG who cuts g10 tails with cnc that might share some nuggets. And KDmaui might be a good source too.