Chopping Armstrong HA and HS range

Anyone got good links / information and or experience with chopping Armstrong HA range 1325, 1125 and 925?
Pros and cons?
Also HS1250?
Not interested in going into the foam so would like to know the limits.
Cheers :call_me_hand:

I did 12mm each side on the 1250 and made a huge improvement and nowhere near the foam.

Good to know.
Found a couple online vids on 1250

This thread above is older but ends up progressing into chopping HAs and 4 pages of bits.
Some good information

Some info in this thread: Chop Shop customization

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Thanks. Good post. Cheers :call_me_hand:

I have chopped my 1250 armstrong, 2 cm off on each side. I prefer it like that. Better overall control. No loss. Pump like before.

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I am now looking at my 925. How much do i have to cut to improve the control?

I ride the 925 with either the 50 fuse and 195 tail or 60 fuse and chopped 195 tail. It turns great with either of those combos ,The 1250 needed chopping to get rid of the savage breaching but 925 didn’t.keep us updated if you do chop

Why did you find chopping the tips on the 1250 HS latest version helped beaching?
My understanding is the foil section is the issue so it will continue to breach hard and only way to solve is to change foils.
However it’s interesting.

The foil section is really good ,It’s the turned down tips right on the ends on the 1250 that cause the sudden Breaching , I removed 15 mm from each tip and that solved that problem. The only difference now is the wing tracks a little less without the tips but I find that an advantage in prone surfing as it makes it turn even better.The HA wings don’t have a breaching problem at all.


Ok great. Thanks. Good to know on that 1250 trim

In this video I compare my full 725 to a chopped 725 of a friend: The quest for the ideal wing downinders foils setup episode 2: Armstrong 725 vs chopped 725. - YouTube
As a result, I ended up chopping mine by 1.75 inches each side (not hitting foam) and loving it.
Bit less glide and pumpability, bit more speed and maneuverability. I had the same result out of chopping 1 inch each side off my 195 tail (but I still like the v200 better).
Hope this help.


So i finally chopped my 925 and had 2 prone sessions with it. So what? First, i thought i had made a mistake. …I wasn’t able to catch a wave anymore. …then , After, half an hour , i got one decent ride…and then got tuned with my new wing. You need a bit more speed to take off, but it’s ok. You loose a bit of glide, but for light weight riders like me(72kg), it’s worth it. The control is a lot better, specifically when i pump. I pump better, because i feel the wing better, and i can adjust the trajectory immediately. Before, i was a bit like a passenger, reacting with delay. Following the wing more than driving it. What about the surf abilities? Better for sure, but not actually a surfing wing. It turns nicely, but nothing compare to a HS wing. So here again, it’s a bit better, but far from perfection. If i resume, i have no regret and i prefer my chopped 925,. Above all, i have more pleasure riding it now. The drawback is clearly the stall speed witch is even worse than before. So, armstrong , i really hope the MA series will be that ultimate weapon we are all waiting for.

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