Cloud 9 FS 850 reviews

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Has anyone ridden the Cloud 9 FS 850 wing and have any input into how it pumps, glides and surfs? I’m 85kg, foil usually waist to head high beach breaks and am on the hunt for a new setup with this kit catching my eye at the moment.



I ride both FS 850 and FS 1000 right now in 1-3 foot surf. The 850 I have is the one which works with the original Cloud IX fuse. These come in 2 forms, the older wing only and the new monobloc which requires the fuse extender. I have not experienced the 850 mono bloc but I do use my FS 1000 which is monobloc construction. My weight is 81KG, I use a 4’10 JS Bennett. I have been loving both wings in the surf but have more luck with FS 1000 in connecting sets. I would say if you go for FS 850 try to get the mono bloc construction, the front wing is stiffer and feels more responsive when you pump it, less flex is better.

Hi Fish

I’m 70kg and the FS-850 let me pump pretty fine and connect mutliple waves. Depending on your level of efficiency you’ll be able to connect waves on it, for waist to head high waves, I think it’s the right call, at my 70kgs I used to be a bit overpowered when conditions were chest high or over. I was able to handle it, but was not so confortable pushing the nice carves it’ll let you draw!

If you get a new one, you’ll get the new monoblock that dkschrei mentions, and also the new High Modulus mast that’s stiffer than the previous version. For winging this will be your all-round wing when wind is good too! Great glide and the turning ability is reallyyyyy nice and controlled! Hope this helps.
Also you can go for the 177 and 197 stabs, to get more pump and lift or more speed and carve ability. I used to ride it on the 197, maybe what I needed was a 177 stab to be looser on bigger sets.

Yep, the newer HMPC Cloud IX masts are way more solid less flex then gen 1 carbon and price wise I am kind of amazed these are still under 1K usd. Similar HMPC from Axis, Takuma, F-one, Unifoil go for close to $1500 usd. I even had to double check with Chris Gutzeit that I had the HMPC when I bought my setup because the price seemed too low at the time. Chris if you read this please don’t raise your mast prices buddy, I’m still in the market to add a 34inch eventually!

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