Cloud IX thoughts

Has anyone been riding the new Cloud IX FS wings and can compare them to Lift, Uni etc? They dont seem to have a marketing budget as big as some of the other brands so I dont seem to see a lot of chat about them so hoping a few may have some pros and cons to share on them.



I would like to hear more too. I believe that’s what Eric Geiselman rides. I watched him ride it in person and he seemed to be doing pretty well on it

Hi Guys

I’ve been using Cloud IX for a couple years already, started with the F-series, got almost all of them F24, F28, F32, F38 (F42 was just tooooo big for me). I still own the F-38 and my wife is learning wing foil on it. I jumped to the FS series and man, that was a big leap forward. Unfortunately can’t compare them to UNI, LIFT and other brands cause I haven’t had access to really test profoundly other foils (except for AFS PURE 900 that I’m owning now too) but I can tell that these FS are a very underrated and not well known foils, as you mentioned they don’t have big marketing budgets (you can even notice that on their website).
I gotta be clear, that I’m a dealer in Colombia for them, but I don’t have exclusivity and I pay for my own stuff.
FS series is a very playful line, it’s AR is 8.5 in all it’s series (from 550 to the 1150), and these foils can CARVE and GLIDE so effortlessly. It’s that kind of glide mixed with really good low end grunt sustentation, that gives you lot of forgiveness and the ease of use.

Right now I use the FS-550 for Winging when the wind and waves are howling, and what I’m gonna take for my next tow-in foil trip to Chicama.

FS-850 is the best all-rounder for my weight (70kg), I think for good surf conditions I could still go for the 700 but never go it. This is a great wingfoil Front wing cause it can handle and carve small to medium waves. Also for prone surfing is a very complete foil that can pump and connect several waves and still carve delightfully.

And the FS-1150 is my “longboard”, this foil taught me how to properly downwind sup foil, and it’s my go to for pump & glide for connecting multiple days when waves are small. This big guy can still carve waves and it’s my go to for winging in 10knts with only 4m wing.

Hope this info was of some help!
Will be happy to answer any questions you have.