Pronefoil Spots near Sydney

I will move to Manly, Sydney and am planing to take my Pronefoilequipment with me. Does of you guys know where there are good foiling waves?

Not sure specifically around Manly, but I imagine Shelly might be good with a southerly wrapping swell.

Other spots I’ve tried within a couple of hours distance:

  • Wanda
  • Maroubra / Bondi (after the flags go down)
  • Toowoon Bay
  • Caves Reef

long reef, brownwater. check the northern beaches foil group. stay away from the surfers.

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So, no welcoming arms in Sydney for foilers?! Definitely not here in San Francisco (I moved to US from Sydney in '93).

Maybe you dont know but the sydney beaches are crowded and Manly and Fairy Bower are probably up there with Bondi for swimmers and surfers trying to get a wave. Only a fool would foil in that situation. There are uncrowded places with lots of space to foil and wing. just stay away from surfers. Simple really.


Check in with the local foil shop (WSSboards) when you arrive, they’ll link up with local crew…

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Thanks for the tip! Where can i find the northern beaches foil group? facebook? reddit?

there is a whatsapp group. the local shop (wss) can add you