Code foils and mast adapters

With the new boys in town making such a splash with their Code foils, I am wondering whether anyone has made adaptors for these foils to fit onto nolimitz masts. It would be nice if purchasing a new brand of foil didn’t require purchase of a new mast. :thinking:

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Evolution Cedrus might change my mind. But having used interchangeable masts in the past, I’ve come to the opinion that it’s better to use the whole kit that was designed to work together.

I haven’t heard of an adapter for Code yet. Not sure if stringy has one and Kyle is probably too in the weeds of Evolution Cedrus to get one out right now.

What are the downsides of using interchangeable systems on one mast? Flex and slightly wrong angles?

From my experience w Cedrus I haven’t found flex to be an issue. The only issues are small differences in angles (only saw this once and it was easily solved with shimming) and more bolts to potentially loosen up. The adapters can also add length, but it’s very minor.

As long as it’s not made by Takuma…. Is their new gear viable? Does anyone trust them enough to try it?

For real though i think the issue is the aluminum adapter inserted into a carbon part. (This goes for some stock systems too - Takuma, etc). Aluminum oxides quickly via electrolytic corrosion forming aluminum oxide. The shit they make sandpaper out of. Ends up messing up the tolerances on the carbon part side if you take it apart and get stuck if you don’t.

I wouldn’t risk a top level wing on an adapter.


I’ve seen it all and felt it. Haven’t ridden it yet. Buddy is the rep here in LA now. He keeps going to lifeguard on Namotu though so haven’t been able to meet up.

Plus it’s going to be hard to get me off Omen at the moment. Starting to really gel with that gear. We’ll trade off in the water for a few waves soon enough though.

Talked to Foil parts the other day.
They said if they get their hands on a Code mast they can make an adapter for nolimitz takuma.

I can ship them a code foil mast as we have all the codes in stock now at our shop. If we get enough people interested in having it.
( so stoked on those foils)

However, the code foil mast is super stiff already

I’ve been riding the 78cm NLV1 with a stringy Takuma/Uni adapter for about 12 months, been very happy with it.
Minuses - there is two connections so not going to be as stiff as one single connection (price you pay for it to be universal), also having to pull it apart to keep corrosion at bay is a pita.
Pluses - Universal & very light & plenty stiff enough for me (73kg) using Progression 170/140.
Adapters I have: