NoLimitz adapters

Has anyone had issues with adapters? Now there are two brands, Stringfellow and another one. Stringfellow could have drag (any complaints? I haven’t heard much) and the new one looks way less drag but all the torque would be absorbed by the 3 bolts where as the Stringfellow has a sleeve.
Any feedback

I have used Jim Stringfellow’s Cabrinha, Axis, Lift and now Code. Cab and Axis add a couple cm to mast length ( which I liked ), I can’t say that I felt any added drag from the Cab and Axis adapters. The adapters are really sturdy and the quality is excellent. If you take care of them, they don’t oxidize. Highly recommend.

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I’m currently using the uni foil adapter on the 3 bolt takuma V2 Mast. No complaints. Can’t feel any excessive drag. Goes as if there wasn’t an adaptor at all. Would love to see a takuma 3 bolt to Armstrong at some point

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There is an Armstrong fuselage :wink:

Do you know who makes it?

No, I emailed foil parts or Mac but they haven’t gotten back. I have heard no complaints of drag from Stringfellow.
My friend has the Takuma 2 as do I. It is a large adapter. I’ll see if I can try it and feel the difference.

Stringy ; not everything is listed on its website.
He has tons of stuff for 3-bolt Takuma or Sabfoil masts.

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I’ve been using the Stringy adapters on my NL78V1 Takuma mast for about 18 months now with no complaints.

I’m sure a stock mast set up would be stiffer as there’s only 1 connection but it’s cool to be able to swap different wings on the same mast.

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I have the Stringy adapter from Axis mast to F-One and its excellent.

I also have an Armstrong Fueselage that fits an Axis mast. It works great as well.

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I have both adapters. Im not sure why, but I struggled on the stringy adaptor. I was alway nose diving on turns. Also, The trailing edge looks like an axe which always made me nervous.

I am considering Armstrong for their new HA wings. Currently on Axis 799 considering switch to HA680 - once I find one to test. Could you please send a reference to the Armstrong fuselage which would fit my Axis/NoLimitz mast.

So I’d recommend send Jim Stringfellow an email.
He can build quite a few adapters that are not shown on his website.

Here is a picture of the fuse with my Nolimitz mast and the Armstrong 780HA. I included a close up of the mast to fuse connection.


Wondering if that is because of the way the stab is mounted, top vs bottom. In using the FP long Lift fuse adapter which can be flipped for top or bottom mount, I found it unusable with the fuse stab mount facing down regardless of shim. Facing up it’s the cat’s pajamas :joy_cat:

Kurtis, what nolimitz connection is that? Lift?

Thats an Axis on the NoLimits.

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got it. wishful thinking I guess…

I do believe he can cut it for more than just Axis. Thats just what I wanted.

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Cut for the Lift foot it looks like that might come out even a little cleaner with its larger outline shape. Whether that leaves enough wall thickness on the sides though would need to be looked at.
I could be interested in playing with some of the new Armstrong front foils without investing in the mast fuse sytem :nerd_face:

I’ve also seen Stringy do a NL Signature to Code adapter.

I have NL Takuma v1 to SPG adapter from Stringy and it’s great. No noticeable drag and doesn’t seem to flex much at the joint. I understand the worries as I had them too before I ordered but they’re great bits of gear.