Comparison of the F-One seven seas and Armstrong HA v2?

Hi All,
Loving the forum and all the gold nuggets in here. I have been lurking and now need help.
I’m looking for a foil to kick off my downwind journey. I have been able to get going on the armstrong 1125, but only with strong wind.
I have F-one HM 14 mast and sk8 850 which I love for prone.
I also have armstrong a+ mast (72 and 86)
Would like something easier going than the 1125. With 1125 I like the speed and effectiveness, but the high stall speed, not so much.
Im looking at either the HA v2 from armstrong OR the seven seas 1100 or 1300. Anyone out there tested both? and can speak to compare.
I would probably sell either armstrong or F-one to buy a bigger DW foil.

I’m downwinding in the fjord and hoping to go into the ocean. Windswell with period from 5 to 9 seconds even lower in the fjord.
I live in Denmark and weigh 75kg.
Prone, wing and dw sup are my jams.

As someone who owns the Seven Seas 1100 I would tell you to look into the Armstrong MA 1225
for comparable performance. The MA1225 feels a little faster and more responsive while the
SS1100 has better glide, lower stall speed and very smooth and predictable ride.

I used to ride the Eagles 890-1090 and they seem better suited for comparison with HA v2.
The Eagle 1090 leaves the SS1100 in its wake in terms of Speed and glide. I did not like it
for winging but for long period swell it could be the ticket. Could use different stab than the stock
DW210 in order to unlock carving performance.

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