Armstrong New HA - Low End

Currently downwinding the DWP 930. Looking for something with a bit more low end for lighter bay style conditions. Thinking one of the new HAs would do the trick, not sure which size.

Thinking 1080, maybe 1180. Any advice greatly appreciated!


What’s your weight? Pumping and efficiency skills play into it also. Wind speed and swell too

I would try to get a test drive on a 980 and a 1080.
And then decide if you want an 880.

I have a bit of time on a 780 and 880. The 880 stalls somewhere around 9 mph.

Wow. That’s pretty impressive and a good data point.
Looking at some old garmin data, even my 1201 stalls in the 7-8 mph range.

I have the 1080 and 880. 880 is plenty and I weigh 170 lbs

I’m about 170 as well. Do you even have a use for the 1080 then?

I bought it thinking that I would use it on super small days but the 880 works just as good. I’m in the market for a SUP so I think the 1080 would work well for that

Ive been doing a bunch of bay runs on the 1180 - still waiting for good enough conditions to try the 930!

Ended up with the 1080. Low end is very good.
Excellent light wind complement to the 930 so far.

Thats great! When you have some real world numbers to share please do.

And some real world numbers and experience with the 930!
What board are you downwinding with?

For those interested, the 930 seems to handle about 2:20/km (25-26kph) to something like 3:15/km (18-19kph). But I’m not a huge fan of how it feels at the top end, the 110 cm span is a lot to contend with.

The 1080 is a little slower, maybe 2:27/km top end, but the low end is much better and it’s a lot more controllable. 1080 + small tail is really versatile.

I’d probably only use the 930 when trying to go as fast as possible in lighter conditions.


Great info, could you share your weight please?

Which tail were you using?

180 lbs, 180 speed tail w/ blue shim

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Thx for the info. I bought an 1180 after spending some time in the 930. The 1180 is not quite as quick (930 is not very fast though) but 1180 sooo much easier to manage, much more user friendly. I did a flat water comparison between the two last week and I expected the low end to be close. However I found the 1180 way easier to paddle up. I’m undecided if I want to keep the 930, as it’s not all that user friendly compared to the new HAs

Agreed, I think the 930 is really best suited for racing in light conditions.