DIY beginner prone surf / flat pumping board(s)

I’m overwhelmingly sure I will ding the daylights out of my first board, so I don’t want to buy a new one. My country doesn’t really have any 2nd hand foil boards. I’m thinking about asking my local “normal surfboard” shaper to make a foilboard for me.

I am 5’10" and 175 lbs (178cm 80kg)
My brand new baby is a Takuma Kujira Helium 1500


buy a 6’ 45L foamie board for $150ish
chop off about 1 foot of the nose.
Add a layer of spray foam to get volume up to 40L if necessary.
Install direct screw holes mounted in Fir wood 2x6 (instead of a foil track)
glass it
take pictures of it
and, finally, crash it into rocks

Does anyone have recommendations or advice?

Should I be doing 1 board for pumping on days with 0 inch - 12 inch tall waves, and a different board for prone surfing 12 inch - 36 inch waves?

Any thoughts on using direct screw holes versus mounting twin longboard fin tracks? Do you guys adjust your foil mount position a lot or just find the sweet spot and always mount it there?


Once you find the sweet spot for a particular foil you will mount it in the same spot nearly every session. Change foils and that spot will change possibly.

Buy a proven foil board. Do not retrofit your own.

Thanks! Good info.

I’d like to buy a secondhand board, but I live in a small island country that barely has any foil surfers, so there aren’t a lot of used options. New options cost me an extra $400ish in shipping. I will probably go to Indo in the summer and buy a real board, but until then I’m stoked to mess around on just about anything even if my progression will be slow