Downwind Culture

Something I think James and Erik haven’t touch too much on their poscast is the dw culture.
This is the explanation why it is polular at some places such as Maui or Gorge or France. And not so popular somewhere else such as California, Florida, etc…

Downwinding oc, prone, ski, sup is addictive, the playground is huge, the space, the vibe, the challenge. Being alone (even with friends you are on your own out there) in such an open space is amazing.

It is good to see people not coming from this dw spirit/culture getting into dw foiling as it is imo the best feeling. But it can be hard for new people so understand how it works ; the logistic, the planning (the run, the forecast, the emmergency plan, etc…), the safety, the technique, how to read the ocean, etc…

I come from sup racing dw background and when I first saw Kai’s video I got obsessed since then to do the same (and I know I’m not the only one).

So what is your dw background, why have you chosen to do the dw foiling ???


You might like this one Greg. New podcast I found and they talk to the guys behind swift foilboards in the UK.


I started winging as a lightwind option when we had bad conditions for wavesailing (most of the time in Perth metro). Then, I discovered wing downwinding (freewinging), waves were endless and no crowded lineup. I then learnt to SUP DW (still am progressing), the pure freedom of no wing bombing DW and carving. When you do come near to someone it is just stoke and joy the whole ocean is your playground. Great fitness, good challenge, finding flow state and great community.

I’m addicted.


I’ve only downwind winged, which I find super fun and easily accessible. In my area (Squamish) our summer wind is very focused with short swell window. Winter winds could be downwindable, but logistics are tough with inaccessible shores and good winds are often below freezing. Now that dw gear and techniques are getting more dialed maybe it’s time to start downwinding here with a drysuit. I’m sure we’ll see a huge expansion of downwinding now that the pioneers have laid the groundwork. The remote reaches of Oregon/norcal could be ideal as long as you get through the shore pound!

I got into it for the adventure of it, I want to be out there in the deep blue ocean voyaging to my destination.

The fitness, motivation to be fitter, and community has been great by-products.

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