Downwind Meccas USA?

Where do people think the most consistent places are for downwinding? Year around? Obviously Maui, Hood River. But any overlooked places? How’s Puerto Rico? Looking to make a move

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Downwind spots are starting to be the same as old-time windsurfing destinations. I was in New England all summer and people were starting to open things up. There is a run from the Jamestown Bridge in Newport Rhode Island to Point Judith ~ 10 miles that runs North to South. I did it on a wing and had to limp in at mile 8 when the wind died, but another ‘kid’ Nick Reeser pulled it off going full downwind.

Cape Hatteras will have spots I am sure. Then I can speak to San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area. There is a mini Gorge at Sherman Island that offers beginner type conditions half way to Sacramento. The wind can pick up at 5 am for Dawn Patrol sessions.

The stretch from Coyote Point to 3rd Avenue is another good beginner style run when the wind is blowing 15-20. I have done this run in 15 mph and when it was gusting to 60 mph. Its relatively safe, meaning you will blow to the ending destination by the Golf ‘course.’ Just DO NOT GO PAST the 3rd avenue lot.

The ocean is a whole next level. A few people are doing 20 - 40+ mile runs in Hawaiian style open ocean conditions. More to come on this because it is a bit experimental.

As the gear gets better, more efficient high aspect foils, and longer, skinnier, lighter boards (think 9 feet @ 11 lbs) more and more spots will open up.


Waddel / Davenport area to Santa Cruz is a classic old Surfski run. Just ask the ski and SUP paddlers, they’ve already done everything. Looking back on the Couple of winters I spent kitesurfing in Puerto Rico, I did meet some guys with OC-1s who were downwinding from East of San Juan back to town. It’s pretty serious conditions but no worse than the CA. coast. The whole North coast should be great.


I filtered on USA and currently have 27 listed, please feel free to add more if you see any missing at


I just spent 3 months in PR and did a fair amount of downwinding. I was living in rincon which is on the west coast. There are some local 5 mile runs there and the last 2.5 miles of the run are really good because there is some type of current that runs against the wind when you come around the rincon peninsula. Other than that you can drive 45 minutes up to the north coast which has much better wind consistency. Those runs are really fun but can get a little tricky with some backwash with shorter period swells in the water. But if there is smell swell or longer period it’s real good runs. Check out my YouTube channel. I have a downwind video on there of the PR conditions. And I’m about to post another one from a pr run. Just finishing up the editing


Nice man. I’ve been going to Isabela for years and thought it might be solid for DW. Home of Lift too. :slight_smile:

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Definitely some good runs up there Iv done. There is a group of 2 or 3 guys living at shacks that do that run. Walt and Ben are there names if you ever get down there


I’ve been up to shacks a couple times on kite/surf trips through the winter, you think DW runs are viable through the summer season? If I recall it’s still windy just no swell?

Iv never been there in the summer but I went on some flat days this winter and it was still totally do able. Sometimes better because you don’t have to deal with the backwash when you’re close to the cliffs.

Heres another video from a run down in puerto rico. When the trades are on its pretty damn good in my opinion.


Believe it or not… New Jersey has been providing epic DW Bay Runs all winter long, West, North West, North, North East, and East are all really good, ranging from 3 miles to 17 miles… I spent the whole winter in a 4/3, 5mil boots, and 3 mil gloves except for a few days when it was below freezing, I used 5 mil. The bay from October-April is very consistent, probably about 3 days a week 20g30.

Our summer season opens up our consistent thermal winds and board shorts! where in Monmouth County we have 28 miles of coast, lighter winds 10-15, 15-20 most afternoons… I’m sure @Maxipadd can comment on the South Jersey Set Up! Plenty of coastline South of our County to really do some long runs from Seaside Park 40+ miles.
Monmouth County Ocean Front


we go to jersey shore for a couple weeks every july, very good conditions for all foil sports up there

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Definitely want to sneak down for some runs.

We struggle with any wnw/nw or east/ene directions. West, WSW or straighter N/S we have good options, but seems like you have more angles covered for sure. Haven’t tried any easterly runs, usually runs opposite of our Nor Easter swell direction. We can get good wind-against-tide on our bay runs with N/S.

Our summer sea breeze is often only 10-15kts, but I think with some more reps that’ll be more doable. Wasn’t really on my radar last summer as I wasn’t downwinding yet. A few of us have good boat access for block island runs. Looking forward to that this summer on any south windows, sea breeze may be good enough for those runs, just need to get eyes on it now that I’m downwinding a bit.

Cape Cod also on our radar. Provincetown/Boston mega windy. Just toothy, exposed

Give us a shout anytime you wanna prone or DW up this way


Awesome, yea I’ve been up there a few times, I have a friends place to stay at in Newport, unfortunately there wasn’t much wind or waves last trip but scored a few good hurricane swells surfing when I first started foiling, same for you, give me a shout if you wanna come down anytime!