Downwinding on the Oregon Coast

Checking in to see if anyone is downwinding (SUP or wing) on the Oregon Coast? I live in Bandon, and we kite and wing (whiskey run beach or the river/mouth) but I am frothing to start downwinding on a SUP board. When I listen to the podcasts talking about conditions, I can’t help but think that the Oregon coast with our strong summer north winds has to be a complete playground! The pounding shore break could be a bit of a challenge, but I think manageable.

I know it is happening is a big way in the gorge, and I need to get up there, but looking to see if anyone is doing it in the pacific NW ocean?


I’m curious about this as well. I’m within striking distance and the wind is definitely there for it for sure. Biggest thing for me would be a reasonable entry point and exit point.