Downwinding on the Oregon Coast

Checking in to see if anyone is downwinding (SUP or wing) on the Oregon Coast? I live in Bandon, and we kite and wing (whiskey run beach or the river/mouth) but I am frothing to start downwinding on a SUP board. When I listen to the podcasts talking about conditions, I can’t help but think that the Oregon coast with our strong summer north winds has to be a complete playground! The pounding shore break could be a bit of a challenge, but I think manageable.

I know it is happening is a big way in the gorge, and I need to get up there, but looking to see if anyone is doing it in the pacific NW ocean?


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I’m curious about this as well. I’m within striking distance and the wind is definitely there for it for sure. Biggest thing for me would be a reasonable entry point and exit point.

Just came across this thread, but a well established kitesurf downwinder is south of fort stevens/astoria. Did it with wingfoiling back in june. Starts- wreck of peter iredale and went 8 miles down the coast to surf pines. Numerous beach access points along the way for shorter rides.

Conditions parameters were <3 ft at <8 seconds. Some shorebreak but was easy to time a window through. Wind was 15kn, side on shore. 5m wing. Was a blast.

Look forward to doing it again next summer.


Stayed in Astoria for a few months - anywhere south of the Columbia rivermouth down the beach to the wreck, or wreck to Seaside is good.
Also Manzanita a little further south.


Agreed that’s a fun one, have done it kiting a few times … cool that your pickup crew can drive their vehicle on the beach following along! I also did it once on a south wind in late Fall, going south to north. Would be great winging.

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Can see ones north and south of you but nothing in your area, if you find any then please feel free to share and add

Have done plenty of dw runs with the wing. For sup though, I’m not experienced enough to know if it’s good or not. While we typically have north winds all summer the swell is commonly west so the larger swell doesn’t run down the coast and my swell rides always take me back to shore.

Perhaps the advanced dw dup crew can overcome this?

Hi Brent. North coast Oregon foiler here. Back in the day I did a run on my 14’ sup from short sands to Nelaham Bay State Park which went great. Paddling out of short sands was easy and navigating the shore break further south no problem. I’ve finally started my ocean paddle foil/surf journey two weeks ago and everything wen’t beyond great. So stoked to be riding ocean swell on foil without the wing assist. I’m normally a gorge rider so as my paddle foil skills increase I plan to attempt that short sands run again. I’m really looking forward to charging the ocean paddle foil this summer and will report back as our conditions ramp up. I’d also love to come down to your local and give it ago.

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That right at oswald west state park looks like it could be insanely mental on a foil

We did a PCH trip a few years back, didnt foil back then but now that i do there is some insane setups in oregon.

Sharks and cold water make it not so ideal but to some its coldwater indo !

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Yes. Cape Blanco to Paradise is a good run to get your feet wet. Link up with the Brady brothers.