Downwind Sup Foil Learning Resource

Looking for some good videos on how to learning to paddle. Coming to down winding with lots of foil experience but 0 paddle skills. Looked at coach Casey club but that’s out of the budget at the moment. I thought I saw Paddle with Riggs at a subscription but I can’t find that now. Any tips or other places to look?
I have a 8ft by 21.5 120L board that I cannot paddle straight!

Hi !!

Maybe you should start from the roots… sup racing (no foiling) -
Look in youtube for Seychelle SUP - She has several videos on the basics for paddling, catch, recovery, were to put pressure with your whole body etc.

Larry Cain it’s another great guy to look for paddle technique. These are not foil specific, but concepts are almost the same. Also the most important thing to learn is how to go straigth, cause in SUP Foil it’s way easier for the board not to track well, so you gotta compensate with some J-stroke technique.

Hope this helps!


Blueplanet on youtube. Very basic. They’ll get you started.

Coach casey is great when you have a bit of skill and are trying to get over a hump. Personalized video coaching. Which of course means you’ll get the most out of it when you get video of yourself.

EDIT: to the comment below. Fully agree. It’s BY FAR the best foiling content on the internet week in and week out.


Coach Casey at $50AUD per month is the best investment I made in improving my downwind foiling. It helps to be in Australia so the time zones for the weekly Tuesday catch-up are at a good time of day. Probably more foiling content on his website than anywhere else on the internet. Every weekly zoom meeting is recorded so can be played back at any time when time permits.