Episode: Eric Christensen on Downwind Learning Curve, Epic Trips and the Foiling Community

@Erik hope you don’t mind me posting these. If you have an intern, they can take it off my hands :handshake:

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I really enjoyed this one, super interesting to hear from someone deep in the downwind progression curve, and just radiating pure stoke!

Other things from the first half:

  1. DW felt “too difficult to learn” at a few points, especially with no SUP background. Learning to wing as part of the progression. Humbling.
  2. Good safety tips
    • Glympse app for tracking with a crew that keep an eye on each other
    • PFD with phone, waterproof speaker to make calls while foiling :radio:
    • Hivis, leash
    • Erik recommended Apple Watch with cellular connection
  3. The Gorge being best place to let everything “click”. Rock start laps sound cool. The description of the trip reminded me of

a plateau as a necessary accumulation phase, where you hone specific skills and skill combos to build up to pushing into your next break-through

  1. Foil selection for foil - at some stage you can get up on a foil that is too small/fast for the conditions, due to boards unlocking this capability.

Anybody know what Bluetooth speaker he is talking about? Ive gone through two JBLs. They say they are waterproof but apparently not. Lol.

No interns here :slight_smile:

Stoked that you’re posting them. Thank you. At some point I might need to monetize the show or forum so I could bring someone on to help. Could make it much better, just a time thing.

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No, but I’ve had good luck with the UE brand, and their stuff is waterproof.

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Eric got me super stoked on Hood River! I’m already planning a trip for next summer. Also, when poking around I saw Northwave Sails does winging clinics and downwind led sessions, which is awesome.