Podcast Interview Recommendations

Hey Erik,

Would love to hear you interview Sky Solbach, foiler/ board designer with Duotone/ Fanatic on the Progression Project.


Erik, I would also like to make a recommendation… how about Slvain Aurenche of Takuma? He is an amazing foiler and industry leader.

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I can’t remember if you interviewed Alex Aguera of GoFoil.

A foil wizard from Maui worth talking to is Senior Water-statesman, Alan Cadiz.

He has a Patreon account where he breaks down wing foiling into incredibly detailed, clear and simple steps for progression. I think you and your listeners would especially benefit from his video on Footstraps. How to use them and how to set them up properly for safety and benefit for your riding style.

Enjoy. And thanks for continuing to share the foil-stoke.